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Industrial Leadership

The Industrial Leadership pillar of Horizon 2020 aims at making Europe’s industries more competitive and to increase investment in research and innovation.

There are three parts to the pillar:

The emphasis of the LEIT part of the Work Programme is on areas of R&D and innovation with a strong industrial dimension, where mastering new technological opportunities will enable and drive innovation. The activities included have been primarily developed with reference to relevant industrial roadmaps, including those of European Technology Platforms. The involvement of industrial participants, and of SMEs in particular, is crucial to maximise the expected impact of proposals.

The work programmes featured in LEIT are:

The 2016-17 Cross-Cutting activities (focus areas) work programme also contains calls relevant to the Horizon 2020 LEIT objectives.  Calls for Factories of the Future, Sustainable Process Industries (SPIRE), Internet of Things and Smart Cities are in this work programme.


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