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European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

The EIT was established in 2008 to bring together the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’ - higher education, research and business. The EIT’s mission is to:

  • Increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness
  • Reinforce the innovation capacity of the EU Member States, and
  • Create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and prepare for the next innovative breakthroughs

It aims to boost the innovation process from idea to product, from lab to market and from student to entrepreneur. Funded projects should share knowledge, information and skills for joint exploitation.

The EIT funds ‘Knowledge and Innovation Communities’ (KICs) which aim to bring together major players from higher education, research and business. KICs carry out a whole range of activities, covering the entire innovation chain – including training and education programmes, reinforcing the journey from research to market, innovation projects and business incubators.

KICs are driven by a pursuit of excellence in all their activities and are established with the aim of reaching the necessary critical mass to achieve systemic impact, including the creation of new businesses and new jobs, and the promotion of new skills and entrepreneurial talent in the economy.

Three more KICs are planned in H2020:

Two in 2016:

  • Food4Future - sustainable supply chain from resources to consumers
  • Added-value manufacturing

One in 2018:

  • Urban mobility

Those interested in applying for a KIC may be interested to have a look at the three KICS which were launched in 2010 (pre-Horizon 2020)

And the two KICs awarded so far in Horizon 2020

  • EIT Health: Healthy living and active ageing; and
  • EIT Raw Materials: Sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution.
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