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Switzerland Becomes Fully Associated to Horizon 2020

Publication date: 
3 January 2017 (UK time)

Following the recent ratification of the so-called Croatia Protocol, allowing free movement of Croatian nationals in Switzerland, the European Commission has confirmed the latter's full association to Horizon 2020 as of 1 January 2017.

As announced by UKRO on Monday, the conditions for Switzerland's full association to Horizon 2020 have been met and the European Commission confirmed the association on Tuesday by updating the list of Associated Countries and its factsheet on Swiss participation in the EU programme.

Consequently, Swiss organisations participating in future Horizon 2020 projects funded under any part of Horizon 2020 (where the Grant Agreement is signed after 1 January 2017) will be able to automatically receive EU funding and will count towards the minimum number of partners required for eligible consortia. However, since the agreement does not envisage retroactive application, the status of Swiss organisations in on-going projects funded under those parts of Horizon 2020 to which Switzerland was not associated temporarily from 15 September 2014 (notably Pillar 2 'Industrial Leadership' and Pillar 3 'Societal Challenges', where Switzerland has the status of a Third Country not eligible for EU funding) and where the Grant Agreements were signed before 1 January 2017, remains unchanged.