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Roundtable Topics for EIT Health Bilateral Meeting with UK-Ireland, German, and Swiss Partners

Publication date: 
23 February 2018 (UK time)

This is an event which is being organised by the regional support teams of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Health. There are separate tems that look after UK and Ireland and which look after German and Swiss institutions. Oxford  has paid to be part of the UK and Ireland group (which is known as a Co-Location Centre). EIT Health also has other Co-Location Centres across Europe.

This event will allow our researchers to identify potential research proposals with other academic as well as industrial partners in these groups. The proposals will be designed to the meet the criteria of two EIT funding opportunities known as Innovation – comparable to collaborative research projects – and Campus – aimed at teaching, summer schools and on-line courses, etc.

At this bilateral meeting, partners from EIT Health UK-Ireland and EIT Health Germany are invited to explore new project ideas and bilateral collaboration opportunities. The main objective of the meeting is to build a rich and exciting portfolio of cross-CLC INNOVATION projects and ACCELERATOR/CAMPUS activities for the EIT Health BP2019 call and beyond.

The one-day format of the event is built around a series of succinct roundtable sessions (approximately 45min each).


...with more topics to follow! 

Leading a roundtable discussion enables industry, non-academic, and academic partners from both CLCs to explore interests from core and associate partners from both CLCs to collaborate and build specific proposals around their project idea or challenge; either for submission to future EIT Health calls or projects outside the EIT Health funding envelope (e.g. H2020, national grants). Staff will be on hand to capture proposals and - where applicable - support PLAZA entries for EIT Health BP2019 proposals on the day.