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MSCA - ITN 2017 Coordinators' Day Slides

Publication date: 
8 January 2018 (UK time)

The European Commission and Research Executive Agency recently held a Coordinators' Day event for ITN submissions successful in the 2017 call providing them with useful information on the implementation of their projects. The presentation slides from the day are now available and cover:

  • Recruitment;
  • Reporting;
  • Finance;
  • Ethics and Research Integrity;
  • IP Management in Horizon 2020 (focus on MSCA);
  • Open Access to Publications and Research Data;
  • Communication/Outreach and Dissemination;
  • ITN Best Practices;
  • European Industrial Doctorates (EID); and
  • European Joint Doctorate (EJD).

The presentation slides are useful for anyone implementing an ITN project and complement UKRO's MSCA post-award factsheet.