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JPI Climate and Water JPI Publish Their Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas

Publication date: 
20 June 2016 (UK time)

The Joint Programming Initiatives JPI Climate and Water JPI​ have both recently published their updated strategic research and innovation agendas (SRIA).​​​

JPI Climate

The updated SRIA​ for JPI Climate now includes innovation and covers the years ​​2016-2025, to guide the activities of the JPI for the next ten years. The SRIA sets out three overarching challenges and one strategic mechanism ​for the JPI​.

Water JPI 

The Water JPI has also updated its SRIA​ to cover the years 2016-2019. It establishes research, development and innovation priority actions in the water sector to address the challenges as far as freshwater, groundwater and transitional and coastal waters are concerned​.

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