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Horizon 2020: Update on Health-related Funding Opportunities

Publication date: 
29 January 2019 (UK time)

Recent results, planned calls and other developments

Societal Challenge 1: Health, demographic change and wellbeing – 2019 Call

  • The SC1 2019 call deadlines are on 16 April (second stage) and 24 April (one-stage topics);
  • Resources from the European Commission's dedicated webinar, which took place on 12 July, are available online;
  • Another webinar, on the SC1 proposal template and evaluation criteria, will be organised by the Health NCP-Net 2.0 network on 25 February;
  • Further information on SC1 can be found in UKRO's dedicated factsheet.

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2)

  • IMI2 Call 17 is now open, with three topics; deadline for first stage submissions is on 25 April; 
  • Dedicated webinars on the Call are scheduled between 23 and 31 January;
  • IMI2 Stakeholder Forum will take place on 12 June 2019.

The EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) Call

  • UK organisations are eligible for funding under the currently open JPND callin the area of Personalised Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases: deadline is on 12 March 2019.

Other relevant events

Timeline for the SC1 Work Programme update

As reported in a previous article, UKRO understands that planning for the Work Programme parts for 2020 is underway and that all drafts are to be finalised by the end of February/early March 2019. The drafts will then undergo consultation internally within the European Commission (the so-called inter-service consultation) and later, through the Member State representatives, in the Programme Committee configurations. The adoption and publication of the final Horizon 2020 Work Programme is planned for the end of June 2019.