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HoL Report on Brexit, EU Student Exchanges and Funding for University Research Published

Publication date: 
19 February 2019 (UK time)

The House of Lords EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee has published its final report Brexit: EU student exchanges and funding for university research. The inquiry focused on the short and longer-term implications of Brexit for UK participation in the Erasmus+ and Horizon 20202 programmes.

The report includes an overview of both programmes, plans for their successors, implications of the UK leaving the EU under the terms of the November 2018 Withdrawal Agreement, compared to a 'no deal' scenario, and options for future UK policy: whether and how the UK could become associated to the 2021–2027 Erasmus+ and Horizon Europe programmes, and the possibility of the UK developing its own replacement schemes.

The Government will now be expected to provide a response to the report.