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H2020 -

Publication date: 
23 March 2017 (UK time)

A first draft of the Research Infrastructures 2018-2020 Work Programme will be available at the end of April 2017.

The work programme is likely to include 6 calls:

  1. Addressing the long term sustainability of pan-European RI
  2. Interoperability and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)
  3. Integrating and Opening Research Infrastructures (RIs) of European Interest
  4. European Data Infrastructure (EDI)
  5. Demonstrating the role of RIs in the translation of Open Science into Open Innovation
  6. Policy and International cooperation.

There is also the GEANT Framework Partnership Agreement under other actions.

Call 1 aims to facilitate and support preparation and implementation of the ESFRI and other world-class (OWC) RIs. It includes Design Studies, Preparatory Phase of ESFRI projects and Individual support to ESFRI and OWC RIs.

Call 2 is to set-up a virtual environment with free at the point of use, open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines. It includes Integration and consolidation of generic services, Prototyping and new services and Stepping up the establishment of the EOSC and connecting ESFRI RI through Cluster projects.

Call 3 aims to open up key national and regional research infrastructures to all European researchers and to ensure their optimal use and joint development. It includes integrating activities for advanced communities, integrating activities for starting communities and integrated activity Pilot Action: new ways for opening and integrating at EU level RIs of European interest.

Call 4 aims to integrate world-class HPC capability, high-speed connectivity and leading-edge data and software services. It includes support to PRACE, supporting HPC Centres of Excellence, supporting the governance of the EDI and support to Public Procurement of innovative HPC systems.

Call 5 aims for large initiatives and support measures to foster the innovation potential of RIs. To include to stimulate the innovation potential of SMEs, network of RI Industrial Liaison Officers, co-innovation platform for RI technologies and innovation pilots.

Call 6 aims to reinforce European RIs policy and international. It includes policy and international cooperation measures for RIs and strengthening the human capital of RIs and e-infrastructures.

If you are interested in viewing the work programme please contact us.

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