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FP9 Likely Structure

Publication date: 
19 June 2017 (UK time)

Though there are no published plans and/or structures currently available, early indications from senior Commission officials are that there will be a significant level of continuity from Horizon 2020 to FP9, particularly during the transition years. The overarching principles of FP9 will be excellence, openness and impact and the Commission has been clear that for excellence in particular, there cannot be any compromise when it comes to ensuring the competiveness of Europe.

It is also understood that, in the context of the current 'three pillars' of Horizon 2020, the elements that make up the 'Excellence Science' pillar will remain fairly stable particularly for the European Research Council (ERC) and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions​ (MSCA). In terms of pillar two 'Industrial Leadership', this will likely include the European Innovation Council (EIC) for which pilot activities are already being introduced for the final work programme of Horizon 2020 (2018-20). For the third Horizon 2020 pillar 'Societal Challenges', the direction and focus will to a large extent be driven by the outcome of the Bohemia Delphi Survey on the Future of European Research and Innovation for which the Bohemia 'New Horizons' report has already been published and the Delphi-style survey is currently live. This part of the programme will also be significantly influenced by Europe’s Sustainable Development Goals, though the extent to which the programme directly maps on to them or links with certain elements is to be decided.