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FP7 Marie Curie Award Certificate for Fellows

Publication date: 
8 October 2015 (UK time)

The Research Executive Agency, who handle the Marie Curie Actions on behalf of the EC, have just started to offer issuing certificates for all individuals who participated as ‘Marie Curie Fellows’ on FP7 projects; this applies to all Marie Curie Actions including the Individual fellowships and ESRs and ERs on ITN awards. The Marie Curie Actions team have sent emails to all award beneficiaries and fellows. Fellows are directed to this website where they are asked to fill in information specific to their award. The award certificate is then sent to the named legal contact person on the Grant Agreement with an associated email address; the GA does not state the email address and so where Oxford is the coordinator with an Oxford named contact (e.g. Gill Wells) the email address to use is always ecresearch@admin.ox.ac.uk. For ITN fellows who worked at Oxford but where Oxford was not the coordinator of the ITN, they should send their request to the coordinating institution.

On receiving certificates sent to ecresearch@admin.ox.ac.uk the Research Services EC team will do our best to then forward the certificate to the named individual, however, if the fellow is no longer at Oxford we will send the certificate to the Fellow’s host department and the associated scientist in charge/supervisor. Please note that the EC uses the name encoded on the Declaration of Conformity for that fellow and if the fellow wants their name amended on the certificate they will need to contact the REA or their previous Project Officer directly as we are not able to amend this.


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