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European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures 2018 roadmap launched

Publication date: 
17 September 2018 (UK time)

​The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) presented the ESFRI Roadmap 2018 on Large Scale Research Infrastructures at its conference in Vienna last week. This is the outcome of a process for a 2018 Roadmap update launched by ESFRI on 17 January 2017, during a dedicated Info Day in Malaga. The Roadmap 2018 includes a total of 18 ESFRI projects, with six new pan-European research infrastructure projects, presented at the conference hosted by the Austrian EU Council Presidency. The new projects announced are focusing on the following areas:
◦IFMIF-DONES: a facility for testing, validation and qualification of the materials to be used in a fusion reactor (coordinated by Spain).

◦DiSSCo: an infrastructure integrating natural history collections of major European institutions (coordinated by The Netherlands);
◦eLTER: an infrastructure integrating ecosystem research sites across Europe (coordinated by Germany).

•Health and Food
◦EU-IBISBA: a multidisciplinary research and innovation infrastructure for industrial biotechnology (coordinated by France);
◦METROFOOD-RI: an infrastructure for metrology services in food and nutrition throughout the value chain (coordinated by Italy).
•Social and cultural innovation
◦EHRI: an infrastructure for research on Holocaust (coordinated by The Netherlands).

Under H2020, €214 million will be made available through competitive calls in 2018-2019 but infrastructures are of such magnitude and scope that countries need to pool their resources to build them. Once implemented, the infrastructures in the ESFRI Roadmap will provide open access to resources and services for all scientists across Europe. The new Roadmap also identified two areas with high potential for the development of new research infrastructures: religious studies and transition to open science. More information is available on the ESFRI webpage.