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European 5G Vision Document

Publication date: 
9 March 2015 (UK time)

The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) presented its vision of the next generation of communication networks and services. The vision document lists key drivers to new unique network and service capabilities, ranging from user experience continuity, through to 5G's role as key enabler for the Internet of Things. The vision also offers views on 5G disruptive qualities, design principles, key technological components and spectrum considerations. Important research, development and innovation milestones between now and commercial deployment of new systems in 2020 are listed. In brief these are:

  • 2014-15: Exploratory phase to understand detailed requirements on 5G future systems and identify most promising functional architectures and technology options
  • 2015-17: Detailed system research and development for all access means, backbone and core networks
  • 2016-18: Detailed system optimisation, taking into account all identified requirements and constraints; identification and analysis of frequency bands envisaged for all 5G communications and final system definition and optimisation by means of simulations; validation of concepts and early trials; contributions to initial global standardisation activities; preparation of WRC19; support of regulatory bodies for the allocation of newly identified frequency bands for the deployment of new systems.
  • 2017-18: Investigation, prototypes, technology demos and pilots of network management and operation, cloud-based distributed computing and big data for network operation. Extension of pilots and trials to non ICT stakeholders to evaluate the technical solutions and the impact in the real economy. Detailed standardisation process based on validated system concepts by means of simulations and close to real world trials.
  • 2018-20: Demonstrations, trials and scalability testing of different complexity depending on standard readiness and component availability.
  • 2020: New frequency bands available for trial network deployment and initial commercial deployment of new systems. Close to commercial systems deployment under real world conditions with selected customers to prepare economic exploitation on global basis.

The vision document will be updated regularly with updates available through the 5G PPP website.

For here for the full vision document.

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