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The EC Proposes a European Cybersecurity Competence Network and Centre

Publication date: 
14 September 2018 (UK time)

As part of the Annual State of the European Union address for 2018, the ​EC proposed a regulation establishing the creation of a Network of Cybersecurity Competence Centres and a new European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre to invest in stronger and pioneering cybersecurity capacity in the European Union. This builds on the EU Cybersecurity Agency and the European certification scheme initiatives announced in 2017, as part of the State of the Union 2017 address

Each Member State will be nominating one National Coordination Centre that will function as contact point at the national level for the Competence Community and the Competence Centre. The Cybersecurity Competence Community will involve a large, open, and diverse group of actors involved in cybersecurity technology, including in particular research entities, supply/demand-side industries and the public sector. It will provide input to the activities and work plan of the Competence Centre and it will also benefit from the community-building activities of the Competence Centre and the Network

The European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre will facilitate and help coordinate the work of the Network and nurture the Cybersecurity Competence Community, driving the cybersecurity technological agenda and facilitating common access to the expertise of national centres. The Competence Centre will be implementing relevant parts of the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programmes by allocating grants and carrying out procurements. A Governing Board will be the Centre’s principal decision-making body. All Member States will be taking part in the Governing Board but only those Member States which participate financially will have voting rights.

The Commission has proposed the Competence Centre to be funded jointly by the European Union and through matching financial contributions by the Member States. Under the new Digital Europe programme, the European Commission proposes to invest €2bn into safeguarding the EU's digital economy, society and democracies through polling expertise, boosting EU's cybersecurity industry, and financing state-of-the-art cybersecurity equipment and infrastructure. Cybersecurity research and innovation will additionally be supported under the Horizon Europe programme (FP9). The Competence Centre and Network will also seek to achieve synergies with the European Defence Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and the Internal Security Fund.

More information can be found in a dedicated factsheet and the EC has also published an FAQs page on this proposal.