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Gender equality in Europe

Gender equality and Horizon 2020

Gender equality is a core concern of the European Union. In Horizon 2020

  • gender balance is promoted in research teams
  • the EC ensure gender balance in its own decision-making processes
  • sex and/or gender analysis must be integrated into research design and content
  • the gender dimensions of research projects are monitored and evaluated

Applicants to Horizon 2020 are required to:

  • specify the gender of ‘the persons who will be primarily responsible for carrying out the proposed research’
  • undertake to promote equal opportunities between women and men, and aim to achieve gender balance at all levels in research teams
  • for all relevant topics, describe how sex and/or gender analysis has been taken into account in the project’s content. A topic is considered relevant ‘when it and/or its findings affect individuals or groups of persons’.

Gender balance in research teams may be used as a ranking factor to separate proposals that have the same score after evaluation.   

Gender equality at Oxford

Promoting gender equality is a key strategic priority for the University of Oxford, demonstrated in our Strategic Plan 2013-18, our commitment to Athena SWAN, and the launch in July 2013 of the Vice Chancellor’s Fund for Diversity

Oxford’s work on gender equality is overseen by the Gender Equality Advisory Group.

The Equality and Diversity Unit’s University webpages provide information on specific gender equality initiatives, as well as sources of information and support for women at Oxford.

The Gender Equality Advisor, Adrienne Hopkins, can be contacted at gender.equality@admin.ox.ac.uk

Updated 15 December 2017