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Horizon 2020 Grant Preparation and Consortium Agreements

Horizon 2020 Grant preparation

If you have submitted a Horizon 2020 proposal you may be anxious to know the outcome.  In most cases, results documents will be available on the Participant Portal approximately five months after the relevant application call deadline. You can check the progress of your application on the Portal at any time you wish – you do not have to wait to be notified by either the Commission or the Coordinator.

New functionality on the Participant Portal means that you can check the status of any proposal to which you had access at submission stage. The evaluation result letter and the evaluation summary report (ESR) will be accessible to all partners.  

  • If your proposal is still showing under the Proposals tab, the evaluation may not yet be complete, or the proposal has been unsuccessful (or is on the Reserve list)
  • If your proposal is showing on the Projects tab, it has been favourably evaluated and your consortium will be invited to prepare the grant agreement.

(If you are unable to see your proposal on either tab, the FO button has not appeared or there are no documents available, this normally just means the information has not been uploaded by the Commission yet).

Access to the results letter and ESR is through an FO button to the right of the proposal.  A metro line runs across the screen that is accessed through the FO button. Evaluation is complete and the results uploaded if the metro line is solid through to the “Ranked” point. The results documents are accessible through the “Documents” section on the same page.  

We will soon be uploading Factsheets to guide you through the Grant Preparation Process, but in the interim if you are notified by either the Commission or the Coordinator, or you find the status of your proposal has changed on the Portal, please notify Research Services' European Team on ecresearch@admin.ox.ac.uk.  Please include the acronym of the proposal either in the title or clearly in the body of the email.  We will then be able to advise you of the next steps you will need to take. 

Consortium Agreements

IMPORTANT: All Consortium Agreements for projects coordinated by Oxford must be issued by Research Services. Your Research Services Divisional Contracts team will lead this process.

All Consortium Agreements for projects not coordinated by Oxford must be reviewed by Research Services. Please contact your Research Services divisional contracts team and ensure you email them any draft agreements you may receive as soon as possible, as in most cases the Consortium Agreement needs to be agreed before the Grant Agreement can be signed.

A Consortium Agreement consists of clauses covering aspects of the project that need further agreement between partners of the grant. These clauses vary as they are tailored for each individual project and subject to negotiation between the members of the consortium. A Consortium Agreement is normally drafted by the Coordinator (i.e. the coordinating institution) and circulated to all partners for discussion and negotiation. The European Commission is not a party to the Consortium Agreement.  When Oxford is the Coordinator we will normally issue a Consortium agreement based on the DESCA model.