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Horizon 2020 Grant Preparation and Consortium Agreements

Horizon 2020 Grant preparation

In most cases results are notified approximately five months after the application deadline.

Emails are sent to coordinators (or applicants in the case of ERC or Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship projects) and copied to all those with access to the proposal on the Participant Portal.

The evaluation report (called the Evaluation Summary Report – ESR) is then available through the Participant Portal.

  • For unsuccessful applications, or proposals on the reserve list, the ESR can be found by clicking the “FO” button for the proposal then “process documents”
  • Successful projects move to the “My Projects” section of the portal. The ESR can be found by clicking the “MP” button then accessing the document library for the project

(If you are unable to see your proposal on either tab, the FO button has not appeared or there are no documents available, this normally just means the information has not yet been uploaded by the Commission yet).

All Horizon 2020 successful projects go through a grant preparation phase before signature of the grant agreement.

The Research Services European and International team will guide you through this process – which is different depending on the type of project and whether or not Oxford is coordinator.

Once the grant preparation phase is complete the coordinator of the project (Oxford for Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowships and ERC awards) signs the grant agreement (electronically through the Participant Portal). The EC, or the relevant agency, then signs the grant agreement and funding is thereby confirmed.

Consortium Agreements

Consortium agreements are required for all collaborative projects. These are proposed by the coordinator and agreed and signed by all the beneficiary partners on the project. The EC does not sign the consortium agreement. The consortium agreement covers the internal management of the project and includes clauses on IP and the distribution of project funds.

Responsibility for negotiation and signature of consortium agreements at Oxford is with the Research Services contracts teams. They are notified of successful collaborative applications by the European and International team and will get in touch with Oxford PIs for information required for the consortium agreement. It is essential that any draft consortium agreements are forwarded to your Contracts contact as soon as they are received.

Last Updated 24 Nov 2017