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MSCA 2018 Presidency conference workshop: Managing Researchers' Talents, Skills & Career development - 1-2 October 2018

1 October 2018 9:00am to 2 October 2018 6:00pm

INFO-DAY - Implementing the Human Resources Strategy to comply with art. 32 of the H2020 multi-beneficiary grant agreement-

The event addresses universities, research institutions and research funders investing in researchers’ talents, skills and career development. It also addresses beneficiaries and potential applicants of H2020 contracts/projects who have to comply with article 32 stipulating the need to take measures to implement the European Charter and Code (C & C) for the benefit of all researchers and their institution.

It also brings forward issues related to skills and talent management in an Open Science environment closely linked to the European Framework for Research Careers. Seven invited high-level speakers from different European research or funding nstitutions will evidence benefits and impact, showcase improved training opportunities, career development and talents and skills management in their respective institutions.

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