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Non-commercial organisations

Horizon 2020 needs the input from Social Sciences and Humanities and therefore welcomes the participation of non-commercial organisations: charities, NGOs, arts organisations, museums, libraries, galleries, theatres etc. There are many opportunities for collaboration with the University of Oxford, ranging from offering secondment opportunities for Marie Skłodowska- Curie Actions to being a partner in a large-scale collaborative project in one of the Societal Challenges.

To explore the potential for partnering with Oxford in Horizon 2020 please visit the Innovation and Partnership site for help in identifying suitable collaborators. The site also provides contact details of the Business Development Team in the Social Sciences or Humanities Divisions.

At Oxford, as in many other universities, collaborations are based on academic interest and partnerships are established as a result of individual contacts or colleagues across institutions having worked together successfully. We do not have a Pro-Vice-Chancellor for international collaboration and we are not able to establish collaborations as a central university. Any collaboration would need to be department and researcher led.