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Research Services European and International team contact details can be found here.

This Gateway gives guidance on European funding-related activities and support at Oxford. It is mainly aimed at internal researchers and staff, but also provides advice and support to potential external collaborators (universities, SMEs, industry and non-academic organisations). It also gives information on non-Horizon 2020 European activities at Oxford, and quickly signposts users to the relevant contacts and support. The Gateway was created in collaboration with a number of University departments, including Research Services (EU Team, Knowledge Exchange and Impact Team, Research Ethics & Integrity Team, IP Rights Management Team, Systems & Information Management Team), the Equality and Diversity Unit, Erasmus Office, Research Accounts, International Strategy Office, the Bodleian and Oxford University Innovation Ltd.

Equality and Diversity Unit

Promoting gender equality is a key strategic priority for the University of Oxford, and the Equality & Diversity Unit and Research Services' European and International Team are working together to provide further guidance on how to integrate gender equality at each stage of the research cycle. For further information and contacts please see our Gender and Equality in Europe page.

Erasmus Coordinator

The Erasmus Coordinator, based in the Examination Schools, deals with any Erasmus+ queries aimed at staff and students. For further information and contacts please see our Erasmus+ page. (The separate Erasmus Mundus schemes are run by the International Strategy Office, see below. For information about these schemes, please visit the Erasmus Mundus page.)

European and International Team (Research Services)

The European and International team provides wide-ranging specialist support to researchers, administrators, research facilitators and departments across the University on Horizon 2020 research proposals and awards, as well as informing the University’s strategic approach to and engagement with the European Commission.

In addition, the Team offers a comprehensive programme of in-house training events for all staff involved in Horizon 2020 activities, as well as Horizon 2020-related news and call information. The team operates a ‘division-facing’ service with specific contacts for every department and faculty. Please see our contacts page for full details.

Intellectual Property Management Team (Research Services) and Oxford University Innovation Ltd

As with all research projects, careful consideration should be given to Intellectual Property at all stages – application, implementation and post project, where results and outcomes need protecting. Our Intellectual Property and Europe page provides guidance on which teams to contact at which stage.  

International Strategy Office

The International Strategy Office is responsible for developing a coherent strategy to promote Oxford’s international relations, global profile and international competitiveness.

This office also runs the Erasmus Mundus schemes. Please see Oxford's Global Links for details of the International Strategy Office's engagement with different parts of the world, including project collaboration information within Europe. Please also see our International Strategy and Europe page.

Open Access Oxford Team

The European Commission has made open access to research publications a general principle of FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. For further information and contact details, please see our Open Access (Horizon 2020 and FP7) page.

Research Data Management Team

The European Commission has adopted the principles of research data management in its expectations of how research is to be conducted for FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects. For further information and contact details, please see our Research Data Management page.

Research Ethics and Integrity Team, Clinical Trials and Research Governance Team, and Biomedical Services

Research ethics, broadly defined, is a prominent feature of the Horizon 2020 programme. For further information and contact details, please see our Ethics and Europe page. Please also see information on (Costing of) Clinical Trials in Horizon 2020.


Last Updated 12 January 2018